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Hello, I am
a multidisciplinary graphic designer
ɪᴛ, a small city in the heart of the Alps. Based in
ɴʟ, I am now refining my practice in
Willem de Kooning Academy
Started as
graffiti artists
, my passion for visual culture developed in digital medias through
type design
3d rendering
web design
generative design

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Curriculum Vitae

© (CC) 2010-2019 Giovanni Zanella
Mirage is the result of an exploration on emotions visualisation.
I collaborated with the sound designer Space Villa, we questioned and researched the possibility of sound and visuals to be deeply connected, interacting with each other to achieve a clear sensation to communicate to the viewer.
In this specific experiment the main focus was on pleasure.
Colours and sounds, shapes and rhythm, type and intensity; everything is driven to the same pleasant emotional output.
Vaporwave serie
Vaporwave and Post-Internet in general intrigued and influenced me a lot as internet culture, and this serie celebrate some of the most typical features of the movement.
The statues are mainly from Italian Renaissance paintings and sculptures that I managed to study and examine during the process of reinterpretation.
"Desert" is a single of the London based group "INAINA".
The cover resemble nostalgia, the topic of the song, represented by the blurred effect of the image, as memories are.
The typography emulate a calligraph style typical of north Africa, the desert location the song is referring to.
Arce 3000
ARCE 3000 is a brutalist typeface, based on strictly geometric shapes.
The outcome can be described as something between radical modernism and occultism.
The peculiarity of this design consist in the spacing; every glyph have literally 0 fitting by default, creating unusual ligatures and compact compositions for every word.


Phantoms is a series of interactive installations made with Processing with the help of the CV library, allowing the user / viewer to create unique shapes and patterns on the screen through the movement of their body.
In the second part of the video is possible to see the unusual movements people came up with when trying to create and experiment with the visual outcomes.
I had the pleasure to design the single cover of Space Villa, 'Girasole' (Sunflower).
The artist image is charachterized by gradients and intense colours. The typography is a modified version of a 60s type reconnecting with flowers through the hippie movement.
The sun, important friend of the sunflower, is represented by the 'star' on the top - left.
These three renders are the result of a school project based on idealisations.
The personification of the body (fetus), charachter (brain) and facial characteristics (face) are portrayed packaged as meat in the supermarket, questioning the our time desire of looking and behave like someone else, and the available techniques to achieve such results.
Inspired by the late 70s japanese graphic design, "Concrete" is a series of three abstract illustrations, with a very flat feeling typical of the style.
Built following a nine squared grid of three columns and rows, this font has been designed for an electronic music band from Berlin.
Thanks to this rational approach and the rounded edges, 3×3 will present an hi-tech but sympathetic feeling.


Astrological symbols design for an upcoming magazine, Duchessa.
Lettering designs. Composition of specific names for logos or graphics, with the subtle but necessary communication of typography.
Some experiments and works accumulated during the years.
For any question or further explanations feel free to contact me.